The Hotel and the environment

Climate change is a reality and our natural resources are scarce and precious.  Reducing our footprint on the planet and particularly energy consumption is a matter of urgency.

Thankfully, the city of Brussels is a hub for eco-innovation, leading the field in energy saving construction, waste reduction and limiting CO2 emissions. The European Parliament is even officially carbon neutral, offsetting 100% of its emissions.

There is a lot to protect: the city is packed with green spaces and biodiversity. There are 38 species of mammal and 92 species of birds living in Brussels, while our beautiful neighbour, the Egmont Park ( ) is home to 30 species of tree, including several that are over 100 years old!

At The Hotel we are committed to shaping a cleaner, greener future for Brussels and for the world and we are proud to say that our eco-initiatives have earned us Green Key certification. Green Key is the leading standard for environmental responsibility in the hospitality industry, allowing guests to know they are doing their bit for the planet in their choice of hotel.

Here is a rundown of some of our main eco-initiatives.

We save on energy – not heating

Thanks to a cogeneration system that allows The Hotel to generate electricity and capture and recover ‘waste’ heat we are proud to be able to cover part of our electricity and heating needs ourselves. The system is complemented by excellent insulation and by the smart use of heating and cooling only as needed.

We save on water – not cleanliness

Water is essential – obviously!  With water-saving showers, taps and toilets, we aim to make it easy for both you and us to use less water.

We save on energy – not lighting

Our low-energy lighting, sensors and intelligent light management system help us keep the future bright – as well as giving you the best quality light.

We save on chemicals – not spotlessness

We use cleaning products that are kind to the environment and our choice of equipment and work methods mean that fewer chemicals and less water are used in keeping The Hotel sparkling clean for you.

We save on washing – not hygiene

We save water and reduce our footprint by eliminating unnecessary laundry. We ask our guests to help us out with this by leaving towels on the floor if you want us to change them. We also normally wash your bed linen every third night only, unless you ask us to do it more frequently. Of course, we also use environmentally friendly detergents.

Reducing waste, increasing recycling

We want to make it easy for you to sort your waste at The Hotel, just as you would at home. If you place newspapers, paper, cans, plastic and glass bottles beside the waste bin in your room, we can ensure they are recycled. Any used batteries can be handed in at Reception.  Once we take over waste, we sort it into ‘regular’ and ‘environmentally harmful’, to maximise recycling and minimize environment impact.

Food matters

Reducing food miles and cooking and eating seasonally not only make environmental sense – it is also a way of ensuring our food is fresh, vibrant and delicious. As far as possible, The Hotel and The Restaurant use organic, seasonal, local and free-range products.

Let us help you be greener!

Brussels is the perfect spot to test out environmentally friendly ways of getting around and The Hotel has buses, trains, the metro and bicycles right on our doorstep. See our website or ask at Reception for more information.