Exhibition in Brussels: Da Vinci – The Genius

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From 22 March to 1 September 2013, Brussels Major Events Exhibition welcomes the touring exhibition Da Vinci – The Genius in the Brussels Stock Exchange. Presented for the very first time in Belgium, this exposition is the most complete overview ever created around his work. To this day, the event has already attracted more than 4 million visitors in 45 cities throughout the world.

In Brussels you will admire more than 200 fascinating objects created or envisioned by Leonardo Da Vinci displayed over 1.200m² of exhibition space: identical replicas of his works of art, 75 life-size three-dimensional machines created especially for the exhibition (bicycle, robot, flying machine, catapult, tank, submarine…), the secrets of the Mona Lisa, a 50 minute film on the Florentine master… and the possibility to touch and handle a good many of the items on display.

Da Vinci


Lubna Azabal @ The Hotel. Brussels

Lubna Azabal in a Splendour Suite at The Hotel. Brussels

Lubna Azabal in a Splendour Suite @ The Hotel. Brussels

We are very proud that Belgian Actress Lubna Azabal and photographer Kris Dewitte selected one of our Splendour Suites as the location for a photoshoot related to her new film Goodbye Morocco by Nadir Mokneche, currently playing in movie theatres.

In 1997 Lubna played her first role in a short film J’adore le cinéma by director Vincent Lannoo. Afterwards she played about 20 roles in movies, amongst them a main role in 2004  together with Cathérine Deneuve in Changing Times.. In 2005 she received a remarkable main role as Suha in the Palestinian Political Thriller Paradise Now by Hany Abu-Assad. This movie was nominated as best foreign movie for the Academy Awards/Oscars and received a Golden Globe for best non English spoken movie, as well as different other awards. In 2008 she played together with Leonardo Dicaprio in Body of Lies, a movie by Ridley Scott. Lubna received the Black Pearl Award 2010 for Best Actress for the Canadian mystery drama film Incendies by Denis Villeneuve at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival as well as the Margritte for best actress, and was the overall winner of the national film awards in Canada. The movie Incendies also received a nomition for best foreign movie at the Academy Awards 2011. In 2010, she received a role, next to Jessica Chastain and Vanessa Redgrave in Coriolanus, the directioral debut of Ralph Fiennes with his film adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy.