Culinary Discovery Package at The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar


Are you ready for a Culinary surprise?

Be one of the first to discover the innovative concept of The Restaurant during your stay at The Hotel with this special ‘Discovery’ menu. A four course dinner will offer you a taste of the Thai, French and Italian cuisine, topped off with a special dessert created by Pastry Chef Claudio Renzi. Each plate is furthermore accompanied by a glass of wine selected by the sommelier.

The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar

The ‘Discovery’ package at The Restaurant includes:

– Mise en bouche
– Thai course
– French course
– Italian course
– Dessert by Claudio Renzi
– Accompanying wines selected by our sommelier
– Coffee and water

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Lightfestival Brussels – 31.10 – 03.11 2013

From Thursday 31 October to Sunday 3 November, the first edition of the Brussels Light Festival will take place along the Brussels canal. This free festival will be an unforgettable light show. Prepare yourself for the imaginative light installations, spectacular performances and welcoming winter barbecue.

Lightfestival Brussels - Mr Beam - The Hotel Brussels

Lightfestival Brussels – Mr Beam – The Hotel Brussels

Lively four-day event for everyone
As the capital of Belgium and Europe, Brussels is a melting pot of cultures and languages. Despite this great diversity, it is still a united city. The light festival will bring people from the city and far beyond together by means of an international light festival. Families with children, young and old, large and small alike: everyone will enjoy this lively four-day event.

Thursday 31 October to Sunday 3 November, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. every evening.

The light festival will take place along the canal, between Sainctelette Square and Armateurs Square.

The event is free of charge.

The Brussels Light Festival is organised by the Brussels-Capital Region/Brussels Mobility, with the support of the Brussels Minister for Public Works and Transport and the Port of Brussels.

More information: Lightfestival Brussels

A touch of Snow White Glamour at The Hotel. Brussels

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Sparkling Hanne, from the blog Snow White Glamour, recently organized a competition with beauty brand Kiehl’s. Both she and the winner of the contest spend a night in style at The Hotel. We asked Hanne for her feedback, and are delighted to share her guest blog post with you.

Deluxe Panorama Corner










It came as a lovely surprise, when I heard that not only the winner of my “The Hotel Brussels & Kiehl’s Contest” was invited for a stay at The Hotel, but that I could also enjoy a night in a beautiful Deluxe Panorama Corner room.

I must say that I already visited quite some hotels, in Belgium and abroad. My most expensive stay was without a doubt the one in Plaza Athénée in Paris, and the most memorable one in Belgium, until now, was at Hotel Julien in Antwerp. However The Hotel Brussels really impressed me with the level of service they offer, and their eye for detail.
I’m incredibly proud that we have a hotel of that high :) quality in Belgium. I never felt more at home in Brussels. The Hotel is the highest building in the area, and in almost every space they made very good use of their magnificent view. I think I probably said WOW more than 10 times, talking to myself :-).
When I’m impressed I take a lot of pictures, so maybe grab yourself a hot drink…;)

Deluxe Panorama Corner













As soon as I entered The Hotel I felt at home. The staff is incredibly friendly, and everything is so nicely decorated. They also thought about something for which I’m very sensitive: everywhere it smelled delicious! In every corridor and elevator I enjoyed their lovely home fragrance. My daddy says that I have a smell phobia, so a pleasant smell in a hotel is very important to me. :) Speaking of elevators, boy they go fast! I was on the 22nd floor before I knew it.

And then I entered my room… It is amazing how much thinking they put in the design of their rooms. They really made clever use of space. Near the windows offering a breathtaking view you will find a comfortable sofa and a desk. The flexible black table in front of the sofa is brilliant: you can use it to put your drink on while sitting on the sofa, to have dinner, as a desk, and last but not least you can also place it above your bed:) I need to have one!

Window Sofa at The Hotel












Open Bathroom at The Hotel













The Bathroom isn’t that big but again, really thought through! When you are standing at the sink you can look at your room, AND you get to see the unique view. You can also move the mirror so that you can even enjoy the view while standing under the rainshower.

CO Bigelow bath amenities at The Hotel













The amenities at The Hotel are from C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries. They smell lovely, but unfortunately they are not easy to get in Belgium. So this beautyblogger was very excited with such exclusive beauties. ;)

rainshower at The Hotel













Awesome rainshower & massage button: check!

flexible mirror in open bathroom at The Hotel













A lot of mirror moves, and tryouts to get the picture that I wanted ;)

Pierre Marcolini chocolate at The Hotel













Delicious attention: entering your room and enjoying Pierre Marcolini chocolates, also from Brussels ;)

Panorama Lounge













When you book a room of a higher category than the standard room you will automatically have access to the Panorama Lounge. This beautiful lounge on the 24st floor also comes with a breathtaking view.

Panorama Lounge














Panorama Lounge













A great place to stay, and drinks and snacks are comlimentary in this lounge. Whenever you want your keycard gives you access to for example a fresh gin-tonic and a nice snack. Of course I went for the GT ;)

snacks in the Panorama Lounge













All day you will find delicious snacks, and they are regularly refilled. Another sign which shows the excellent service they offer: the manager had to leave the lounge for a moment, and he immediately left a message accompanied by a phone and his number, just in case we needed him. Wow!

Panorama Lounge













Fashion Library in the Panorama Lounge













The Hotel Brussels is located on the Boulevard de Waterloo, only a few steps from Avenue Louise. Meaning a lot of fashionable neighbours. I think it is really awesome that they made the connection with fashion in their hotel. In your room you will find beautiful
fashion coffeetable books, and the Panorama Lounge is also filled with real gems. In The Bar there was btw an exhibition with Louis Vuitton treasures. This hotel is perfect for a couple, or for a mother & daughter that want to plan a fashiontrip to Brussels.

candy at The Hotel










It’s really all in the little details: in the lobby you can take delicious flavoured water & candies and little bags so you can fill yourself a bag to take some candy with you to your room :). How great is that!

view from The Hotel













I enjoyed every hour in my luxurious room with a view. Every change in light, and every moment in time gave the view another dimension and feeling. Wonderful!

Who gives you fantastic skyline views? The Hotel.













They weren’t kidding ;)

complimentary minibar













Another great thing: the minibar in your room is complimentary! Mine was filled with different kinds of water, white & red whine, fancy lemonade, beer & soft drinks & this bottle of Piper. Though I think that the champagne was a little extra offered by the very friendly manager ;) I enjoyed it!

Room Service at The Hotel













When you enter a room like this, you don’t want to leave it. My initial plan was to try out The Restaurant, but having dinner on your own is not all that so I wanted to stay in my room :D and ordered Room Service!

Tasty Hamburger at The Hotel













I ordered a cheese burger. It arrived with french fries, and plenty of mayonaise, luckily :D This was probably one of the most expensive hamburgers I ever ordered, but boy it was good!














I had the feeling that they know me very well in The Hotel…When I opened the minibar I immediately noticed the fancy schmancy lemonade, one of my soft spots! ;)

Dammam Tea at The Hotel













There was also a box containing delicious tea flavours, and a water boiler by Bodum. The glasses were also very classy. My little cup of tea was really tasty!














Did I already say that they know me very well? A Nespresso machine in the room, and some capsules to go with it. Bliss ;)

Deluxe Panorama Corner













I could have stayed there all day in my corner…

The Urban Spa













After the minibar perks, and the Panorama Lounge I discovered The Urban Spa! A spa with a sauna and a steam room on the 23rd floor, I just had to see that :) To access it you just open it with the keycard of your room et voilà;) A seperate dressing room for ladies & gentlemen including a shower, a toilet, fresh towels and lockers to put away your stuff. Afterwards prepare yourself for an extraordinary view from the spa! I recommend to everybody to visit it when it is already dark outside ;)

The Urban Spa by night













Without a doubt best sauna-visit ever: check out that view!!!

The Urban Spa - relaxation area













The Spa was just perfect. A few relax sofas, the walls decorated with fabrics, soft relaxing music in the background and a lovely smell.

The Urban Spa - snacks













Also present for you: mineral and sparkling water, tissues and green apples. Do you understand that I wanted to stay there forever? ;) Next to the Spa there is also a gym, and it is also possible to request treatments in the Spa.

The Hotel Sunrise













When I opened the curtains (via remote control of course) early in the morning, I was spoiled with this stunning view. WOW. After 2 weeks of seeing the North Station, I didn’t like Brussels that much anymore, but after a stay at The Hotel I can see the beauty of our capital city again. ;)

Related to the remote control: what an amount of technology in the rooms! Besides both sides next to the bed there was a panel allowing you to control all lights in the room and the curtains. The TV was a real beauty, and next to the sofa there were different plugs to connect for example your computer to the TV. Very convenient!

Breakfast at The Restaurant













I’m really a breakfast person so I was very curious to what they had to offer :D
Normally it costs 19 euro, but once you book a room category higher than the standard room, breakfast is included. The buffet looked very nice, and again with a touch of design ;) It was filled with goodies: croissants, cornflakes, bread & deli, fruit and yummy sweet stuff. The coffee machines offered different options, and I went for a latte macchiato.

Breakfast at The Restaurant













Delicious sweet stuff, my favourite tea from their collection and a trio of juices ;)
I especially liked the raspberry and the mango juice. The cakes & cookies were really a surprise, cause normally they don’t taste that good in a buffet, but at The Hotel they offered top quality.

Breakfast at The Restaurant













Next to the breakfast buffet it is possible to order eggs. I went for the Eggs Benedict with black truffle. That was 8 euro’s very well spend! I’m secretly still dreaming about the delicious taste :D

View from The Hotel













After some shopping it was unfortunately time for me to say goodbye to The Hotel Brussels, and my wonderful room. It was with a lot of regrets that I closed the door behind me, but I’m sure they will see me again ;)

After my stay I looked up their prices, and I was pleasantly surprised. I would have thought that it wouldn’t be payable, but that’s not the case at all. The Hotel is mainly targeted to
business guests, so Friday night the prices are lower.
For example: for a Deluxe Panorama room (without the additional side window) you would pay around € 170 for a Friday Night in October for 2 persons. Okay, that’s not cheap either, but take into account that your breakfast is included, as well as access to the Panorama Lounge, drinks in your minibar, and The Urban Spa. Ideally to celebrate a special occasion, or a very nice gift. I’m already thinking about reasons to visit The Hotel again :D