Food photography @ The Restaurant

Culinary creativity at its best.
The Restaurant chefs carefully prepare their dishes to be photographed.

Food Photography at The Restaurant.

… to be continued … 🙂

A Slice of Urban Luxury at The Hotel Brussels

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Discover what travel blogger and journalist Polly Allen, of The Travelling Calavera, thought of The Hotel when she checked in for five days of luxurious relaxation and panoramic city views. Here’s a hint of what she loved about staying here…

Polly Allen


‘Set just a stone’s throw from the exclusive shopping street of Avenue Louise, The Hotel Brussels takes its cue from its stylish surroundings and creates something that never goes out of fashion. I saw this for myself when I took the short walk from the Louise Metro station to the complex, passing Versace, Chanel and Jimmy Choo stores in the process. Stepping inside the building, my jaw began to drop as I took in the seriously chic decor – dark panelling, thick grey carpet and elevators sealed by gold doors. Definitely a classic.

My jaw continued to drop as I discovered my room’s ambient lighting, chic wall-to-wall sofa area lined with grey houndstooth cushions in soft velvet, and the fashion tomes placed alongside…’

To read the full review, please visit Polly’s travel blog, The Travelling Calavera.