A culinary experience in Brussels – EAT Brussels

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EAT Brussels is a unique occasion to experience the creations of the top restaurants and food artisans in Brussels. Guests will be able to discover tasters from the 4-corners of the culinary world, and this year will be able to marry them with glasses of Bordeaux, as they are the ‘wine’ guests of honour at this year’s event.EAT Brussels 2015

EAT Brussels (10-13/09/2015)

The Capital region of Brussels and the city of Brussels invite you, for the fourth consecutive year, to the Brussels Restaurants Festival. The wine region of Bordeaux will be presenting, once again this year, its revamped Brussels version of the ‘Bordeaux Fête le Vin’ (Bordeaux Celebrates Wine).
Eat Brussels - Atmosphere
The menu will offer an explosion of tasty discoveries coming from the four corners of the world made available to you at the heart of the Festival eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX, representing the symbol of the culinary variety which we have available here within the city of Brussels. Restaurants representing many countries from around the globe, which have been established here in our capital, will double their efforts in creativity in order to surprise and please everyone interested, even the gourmands among us.
Eat Brussels Atmosphere
In order to give your discovery another dimension we have the ” Wine Pass “, this will give you the possibility to step into the shoes of a sommelier as well as a chance to get to know the Bordeaux wine world.
Eat Brussels Atmosphere
For Brussels, cosmopolitan as well international City/Region, this festival represents a great opportunity to get to know, as well as give proper respect to, the regions, the provinces and cities we are linked with by way of cooperative agreements. This year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Exterior Relations and the Department of Exterior Relations of that Ministry, we will strengthen our bilateral partnerships through their specific cuisines.
Eat Brussels Atmosphere
While taking a break in between tasting sessions we recommend some recreational workshops where you can satisfy your culinary and wine related curiosity. Culinary artisans will be on hand and they will let you in on their talents and know-how.

  • Eat Brussels - LogoFrom the 10th until the 13th of September 2015.
  • The gourmet promenade will be held at the heart of the Parc de Bruxelles (Warandepark) for the first time.
  • Entrance is free.
  • More info: www.eatbrussels.be

EAT Brussels package by The Hotel

Enjoy a taste of the high life at The Hotel and make your stay in Brussels one that you’ll never forget.

EAT Brussels 2015

The offer includes a night at The Hotel for 2 people in a Deluxe Panorama room, a healthy breakfast, and access to the Urban Spa & Fitness. You will also receive a duo pass for the EAT Brussels food festival itself including 2 wine passes, 20 tastings, 46 food tokens and special access to The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar stand where culinary director Pierre Balthazar himself will surprise you with some extraordinary creations.

In the package there is also a complete map of Brussels and an exceptional bottle of olive oil from The Restaurant to inspire you in your own culinary adventures.

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EAT Brussels menu by The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar

• Marinated tuna, quinoa “bio” with tomatoes en grated lemon, gazpacho / 14€
• Belgian endives served in cappuccino’s way, perfume of coffee, roasted hazelnuts / 8€
• Salsify carbonara, egg at 63° and truffels / 14€
• Leeks, pan-fried mossels, red curry and Thai basil / 12€
• 1 scoop of ice cream child or adult / 2€
• 2 scoops of ice cream child or adult / 3€

Uptown Design 2015

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Uptown Design presents talented designers living in Belgium in shops and hotels of Boulevard de Waterloo, Avenue de la Toison d’Or and Avenue Louise [SEPTEMBER 2015].

Uptown Design Logo

Uptown Design

This year the second edition of the Uptown Design, located in the upper part of Brussels, doubled its size and welcomes many new prestigious locations! The challenges, remain the same: present talented designers living in Belgium in shops and hotels of Boulevard de Waterloo, Avenue de la Toison d’Or and Avenue Louise. Those areas, well known to gather famous brands from Belgium or all over the world, must become a discovery place for Belgian creation as well. Once a year, they become privileged partners for belgian design.

A luxury limited edition

Each designer will present a set of a limited edition or new pieces designed in luxurious or precious material: leather, corian, precious woods, metals and stones…

The pieces will be available for sale, on the spot, directly from the designer. Uptown Design’s assets is to offer exceptional Belgian items to target an audience of collectors and lovers of art and design.

Design by Pol Quadens

Paul Quadens

If many people consider the Belgian artist Pol Quadens as a designer in the art market, his creative way is completely sculptural. Every piece is selected for its exclusivity, the choice of material but mostly for its unique character which gives advantage to expressivity rather than to functionality. When a bench is not really a bench anymore, or when a lamp becomes a cinetic piece of art… Then design challenges its own goal and free itself towards a new world.

Paul Quadens - Banc Paul Quadens - BancThe Hotel. Brussels  / Pol Quadens
Boulevard de Waterloo 38 – 1000 Bruxelles
September 2015

A small gallery

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Flowertime in the heart of Brussels

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Flowertime, a splendid dream of fragrance and colour in the heart of Brussels



Something beautiful is burgeoning in the EU capital city. This summer a major international plant and flower arrangement event takes place in Brussels’ City Hall and at Brussels’ Grand-Place.

The second edition of this magnificent international plant and flower event takes place from 13 to 16 August 2015. The event has now a name that will appeal to flower lovers from all four corners of the globe: Flowertime. This is a dream occasion for a group excursion.

Brussels is a priceless treasure trove of parks, gardens, forest, and squares – all exceptional green spaces which add to its “green melody”. So if the city chooses to join forces with the renowned Ghent Floraliën, these walks in the garden will naturally find their place in the calendar of European capital’s festive traditions! Flowertime takes place every two years, alternating with an event that is well known by all amateurs of aesthetics: the Brussels Flower Carpet.

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Italian Baroque and flowers in the centre of Brussels

Twenty-five talented floral creatives from Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia are responsible for decorating the City Hall in flowers, and derive their inspiration from the key principles of Baroque art: the rich and opulent use of materials, bilateral symmetry, complex patterns and the extravagant use of decoration. Just like the Italian Baroque painters the florists seek inspiration from the theme and the colours of the historic setting and their refined and creative flower arrangements testify to their great craftsmanship.

Grand Place

On the Grand Place you can nonchalantly stroll along an avenue of majestic cypress trees that arouse your curiosity and make you eager to discover the masterpieces inside the City Hall; a first subtle reference to Italy. Proceed through the gate to the inner courtyard of the City Hall and discover the charm of Italian inner courtyards with a series of oleanders and Mediterranean plants. De Groene Verbeelding, a flower arranging school from Mater – inspired by nature and technical possibilities – will decorate the square with abstract nests.

Flower-Time (13)

City Hall

Allow yourself to be amazed, in the building’s various prestigious rooms, by beauty, flourishing ideas and the very latest decorative trends: the hall, the corridors, the offices, the meeting rooms and the reception rooms of Brussels City Hall will be decorated with dozens of unique and breathtaking flower arrangements for four whole days.

Flower-Time (8)

NEW: Italian Aperitivo in the heart of Brussels!

This year, visitors of the floral exhibition will have the opportunity to enjoy an Italian style “Aperitivo” with high quality Italian products that will be presented in a small market in front of the City Hall.

Driving forces

The driving forces behind Flowertime are the City of Brussels, the Flower Carpet Association – which organises the famous Brussels flower carpets – and the Floralies of Ghent, which has been a pioneer in the Belgian flower and plant art world for centuries.

Participating florists

Charlotte Bartholomé, Stephan Brassaert, Lieve Buysse, Mark Colle, Vanessa Colle, Sofie Cooymans, Davy Fredrix, Joelle Ghion, Ness Klorofyl, Tom Nackaerts, Olivier Papeleux, Olivier Petillion, Chantal Post, Natallia Sakalova, Olivier Seghin, Stijn Simaeys, An Theunynck, Sören Van Laer, Frederiek Van Pamel, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Jolien Vanderstappen, Christine Verhelst, KUFB/URFB (Royal Union of Belgian Florists)

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Flowertime Practical information:

  • Entrance fee: 5.00 EUR (free for children under the age of 10 years)
  • Date: from 13 to 16 August 2015, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Nocturnals: from 7.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Further info: www.flowertime.brussels

Flowertime Points of sale: