Exclusive C.O. Bigelow Amenities at The Hotel.

New rooms ask for new amenities: The Hotel has chosen for bath products from C.O. Bigelow: the oldest apothecary in America founded in 1838 in New York’s Greenwich Village.

CO Bigelow Give Away







We just love this brand as well as their website where they present C.O. Bigelow’s history through a timeline featuring US Presidents. The Hotel is the only hotel in Europe that offers C.O. Bigelow bath products to guests.

CO bigelow history

To try these great products you can either book a new room at The Hotel… or just answer a simple question (by clicking on ‘leave a reply’ below this article):

Why should you win an XL set of C.O. Bigelow Bath Products?

6 thoughts on “Exclusive C.O. Bigelow Amenities at The Hotel.

  1. I’m a walking-talking advertisement machine and once you have me on board there is no end to the magic my promotional talents can do! I for one am in LOVE with THE HOTEL (excitedly waiting for the grand opening in Spring!) and a fan-fan-fan of C.O. Bigelow Bath Products!
    Send me over a few products and I will be raring about them and how The Hotel so wonderfully sent them to me to all my friends colleagues and FB peeps, how about that for publicity 😉

  2. Hi “The Hotel”
    Because i’m the first one to answer? Or maybe with my 1m80 i’m an xl size to try these xl products.
    It could be a nice valentine’s present for me too.
    Thank you The Hotel for your nice pictures!

  3. I guess because my body deserves it… it has suffered from the snow, the cold and the windchill.. as I didn’t get the opportunity yet to stay at the hotel, I didn’t get a chance to spoil my body with this range of luxury products..
    Please have a thoughtfull reading of these lines and make my body soft …
    Cheers …

  4. As a 30-odd year old man, brought up in the so called ‘metro-sexual’ era of the 90’s, I’m proud to admit that my ex-wife’s efforts at getting me groomed to her standards paid off! But this also means i’m a little spoilt for the finer grooming products out there & nothing would compliment my cupboard full of creams, balms, facial scrub & soaps than a set C.O. Bigelow products! Yes, I do all this just to look good & smell good for that special lady in my life & I bet she would be absolutely thrilled with me to come home and find that set lined along the bathtub….surely that should be reason enough to give it me if none of the ‘I’m a modern man’ reasons dont work! :)

  5. Thank you all for your participation!! All your comments are very funny and really interesting!
    Our new trainee, Alice, with all her young innocence has chosen the winner! And, she is a women… She is Valerie, with her XL size!
    Don’t Worry, you will have another chance to win some luxurious gifts from The Hotel in the future! 😉

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