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Brussels is becoming more and more the go-to place for artists and fairs all around the world. From antiques to contemporary pieces, from architecture to paintings – with its rich art history (Magritte and Horta just to name a few) and its central location, it is no wonder why Belgium is slowly but surely becoming Europe’s artistic hub.

The Hotel couldn’t be happier about this trend as we have a strong connection with art. Whether it is our fashion photography throughout the property or our iconic fashion library, art & design is in every corner. That’s why we love to welcome initiatives like the Accessible Art Fair to the city.

Accessible Art Fair (ACAF) has a long standing tradition with both fairs in Brussels as well as New York. ACAF’s mission is to offer a platform for artists and designers and make them accessible to a discerning audience. It offers the opportunity to purchase quality works of art and design and meet the creators behind the work. All of the works are carefully selected and handpicked by a panel of experts which guarantees the quality of the art presented.

Purchasing a work of art might seem daunting to some. Accessible Art Fair strives to make this experience as pleasant as possible by removing the barriers between the buyer and the artist.

They put the public directly in touch with the artists behind the work. ACAF has been bringing original art, photography, design and sculpture to the art buying public since 2006, so this 11th year is bound to be a success as well!


October 5 – 8 2017

23 Rue Ravenstein
1000 Brussels

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