The Hotel & The Restaurant partner up with B.E.L., a proof of quality

The Hotel and The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar are utterly proud to announce their partnership with the Brussels Exclusive Labels (B.E.L.) along prestigious members such as Delvaux, Baobab, Obumex, Dandoy, Leysen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Maison Verloet, Le Chalet de la Fôret, Maison Roger, and many others.
B.E.L. is an equivalent for quality, luxury and creativity so with all these values that we hold dear, it is no surprise we teamed up for a partnership.

BEL quality
B.E.L., three initials that have been well established in the Capital in the meantime, is a non-profit organization founded in 1937 with the aim to promote excellence. To date it brings together over 80 of the most prestigious brands of the Brussels Capital Region from fine cuisine and jewellery to hotels and cars, the BEL has become a synonym for excellence.

Why B.E.L.? Brussels, because our capital has become a “brand”, a label, at the heart of Europe. Exclusive, because being exceptional is what its members do every day, while looking to the future. In fact, exclusivity is their special hallmark. Labels, lastly, because the desire to be held up as an example characterises each one of their initiatives and because we all, whether craftspeople, designers or large international luxury brands, set themselves apart by constantly striving for excellence.

In 1937 the Chambre du Haut Commerce d’Art et de Luxe was founded in order to bring together and promote companies which advocated a certain idea of luxury, craftsmanship and quality. B.E.L., its new name with an international outlook, has taken up the torch.

The areas of activity covered are varied: art, gastronomy, leather goods, jewellery, couture, hotels, etc. Its top Belgian craftspeople, its best names in the Brussels retail scene and its large international companies are all established in Brussels. They are valued for their exclusivity, the perfection of their products and the emotions that they arouse. They offer the very best and treat every customer as a special individual. All these companies are chosen by Brussels Exclusive Labels because luxury is essentially a question of benchmarks, dynamism and authenticity.

In view of the selective cherry-picking demonstrated by B.E.L., this partnership speaks for the high quality at The Hotel and The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar and its steady efforts to maintain the level of its services. Joining B.E.L. is a further token of our desire to always respond as best as possible to our guests’ expectations.

Every client deserves ‘a made to measure’ experience. At The Hotel and The Restaurant we want our clients to have the opportunity to experience this unique feeling of escaping the busy city life and entering a haven of comfort, luxury and gastronomy. We care about our clients’ needs and we do our best to make it an unforgettable moment. Our daily mission is to provide a enticing visit for our guests and to make them go home filled with memories. This fully coincides with what B.E.L. stands for and we couldn’t be more proud to partner up with this organisation and see what the future holds.
Quality BEL

Uptown Design 2015

Uptown Design presents talented designers living in Belgium in shops and hotels of Boulevard de Waterloo, Avenue de la Toison d’Or and Avenue Louise [SEPTEMBER 2015].

Uptown Design Logo

Uptown Design

This year the second edition of the Uptown Design, located in the upper part of Brussels, doubled its size and welcomes many new prestigious locations! The challenges, remain the same: present talented designers living in Belgium in shops and hotels of Boulevard de Waterloo, Avenue de la Toison d’Or and Avenue Louise. Those areas, well known to gather famous brands from Belgium or all over the world, must become a discovery place for Belgian creation as well. Once a year, they become privileged partners for belgian design.

A luxury limited edition

Each designer will present a set of a limited edition or new pieces designed in luxurious or precious material: leather, corian, precious woods, metals and stones…

The pieces will be available for sale, on the spot, directly from the designer. Uptown Design’s assets is to offer exceptional Belgian items to target an audience of collectors and lovers of art and design.

Design by Pol Quadens

Paul Quadens

If many people consider the Belgian artist Pol Quadens as a designer in the art market, his creative way is completely sculptural. Every piece is selected for its exclusivity, the choice of material but mostly for its unique character which gives advantage to expressivity rather than to functionality. When a bench is not really a bench anymore, or when a lamp becomes a cinetic piece of art… Then design challenges its own goal and free itself towards a new world.

Paul Quadens - Banc Paul Quadens - BancThe Hotel. Brussels  / Pol Quadens
Boulevard de Waterloo 38 – 1000 Bruxelles
September 2015

Armani Showcase

Armani, one of the world’s leading fashion houses, showcases the new fall / winter collection at The Hotel. Brussels & The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar.

Showcase at The Hotel & The Restaurant


Fall / Winter 2015

The new Giorgio Armani advertising campaign for fall featuring Marikka Juhler and George Alsford photographed by Sølve Sundsbø.


Giorgio Armani S.p.A. is one of theworld’s leading fashion houses. Few designers are credited with changing fashion to the same extent as its namesake, Giorgio Armani, who is the firm’s sole shareholder, managing director, and chairman of the board. The group is unique in remaining aloof from waves of consolidation in the luxury goods industry. 

Logo Giorgio Armani

The Hotel nominated for the 2014 European Hotel Design Awards (EHDA)

After a two-year period of renovation The Hotel on the Boulevard de Waterloo in Brussels can definitely be called the premium landmark hotel of the European capital.

Reception - The Hotel. Brussels

The renovation of The Hotel by GCA Arquitectos is nominated for the The European Hotel Design Awards (EHDA), which will be held on Tuesday 25th November 2014.

Architecture – Renovation
• Ace Hotel London, UK – By EPR Architects
• Aman Canal Grande, Venice, Italy – By Denniston
• Parkhotel Holzner, Oberboson, Italy – By Bergmeisterwolf Architekten / Künstler Manfred Alois Mayr
• Rosewood London, UK – By EPR Architects
The Hotel Brussels, Belgium – By GCA Arquitectos

The full EHDA 2014 shortlist can be found here:

Living the High Life at The Hotel


“Well that was the best Check-In I’ve every experienced,” my husband stated as the elevator whisked us up to the twentieth floor of The Hotel and that was only the beginning.

We were fortunate enough to win a stay at The Hotel through my participation in a weekly #SeeTheWorld twitter chat and while we had already visited Brussels last year, I certainly am not one to turn down a stay in a luxury hotel.  Upon arrival, being told we were staying in the Panorama Suite was the icing on the cake.  From the moment we stepped foot in that suite, I knew we were in for something special.

I’ve been known to indulge in nice hotels from time to time but that didn’t stop my jaw from hitting the floor while wandering from window to bathroom to window to bar to window to couch letting all of the details seep in.  As a whole, the room was stunning but it was clear that there was attention to detail.  The ginormous shower invited us to spend a little extra time under the rainfall shower head; the numerous fashion books around the room had us ogling over luxury goods; the well-stocked bar made us wish we had friends in the area to entertain and the handheld telescope encouraged us to take a closer look the city from high above.

The 180 degree views are certainly a highlight and they kept drawing both my husband and I to the corner couch, pointing out different landmarks we had seen up close and drawing our attention to others we hoped to find later on in our exploration.  While we had a city to discover, I couldn’t help but linger a little longer, make one more Nespresso or pour one more complimentary beer and gaze out over the land.

After a busy day pounding the Brussels’ pavement, we’d retreat to The Hotel, pour a nightcap and talk about our day eventually crawling between those luxurious, white sheets and nestling amongst the pillows drifting into a well-deserved and peaceful slumber.  The best part – waking up, leaning over to the electronic keypad above the bedside table and raising the blinds just enough to catch a glimpse of the gold dome perched atop of the law courts of Brussels.  If that isn’t bliss, I’m not sure what is.


Jay is a Canadian expatriate who after spending two years in Gabon on the West coast of Africa, now calls Norway home.  When she’s not traveling, she’s writing for her expat-travel blog, From There To Here.

Tea Time with Lovisa

Tea Time with Lovisa at The Hotel.

As of November 20, The Hotel. offers shoppers on the fashionable Waterloolaan in Brussels “Tea Time with Lovisa”- take your time to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a selection of homemade Cube Cakes by Claudio Renzi, The Hotel’s pastry chef.


Tea Time with Lovisa’s tea set
Lovisa Burfitt, the internationally renowned illustrator, has illustrated a unique porcelain Villeroy & Boch tea set for The Hotel’s “tea or coffee moment”. The Swedish artist has previously created illustrations for a.o. Guerlain, Selfridges and the Liberty Department Store in London as well as for magazines such as Vogue and ELLE.


Especially for The Hotel, Lovisa Burfitt created the “Tea Time with Lovisa” collection, which is a Villeroy & Boch tea set illustrated with details from a fashionista’s mysterious life.


“Heart-shaped keys, high-heeled shoes, open toe sandals, pastry boxes and pearl necklaces bring Holly Golighty’s ghost from Breakfast in Tiffany’s back to life. And who is this elegant gentleman with his hat and black tie who walks by in a carefree and irresistible way?” In Lovisa’s mind, The Hotel has been transformed into a wonderland in which the king and queen of hearts are preparing themselves for a special occasion.


Pastry chef Claudio Renzi’s signature Cube Cakes
Claudio Renzi, pastry chef at The Hotel, has created a selection of Cube Cakes for “Tea Time with Lovisa”. These cakes will be freshly baked every single day. The coloured Cube Cakes are cube-shaped, are made of cake or bavarois and will be stuffed with fresh fruits such as passion fruit, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blood orange and green apple.
Claudio Renzi explains: “I have intentionally not made the cakes too big, so you can try more than one at the same time!”.

More information:
Tea-Time with Lovisa is served in the Lobby Lounge, every day from 11:00 to 18:00
Tea or coffee € 7
Cube Cakes € 3,5 each
Reservations for Tea Time with Lovisa +32 2 504 13 33


A touch of Snow White Glamour at The Hotel. Brussels

Sparkling Hanne, from the blog Snow White Glamour, recently organized a competition with beauty brand Kiehl’s. Both she and the winner of the contest spend a night in style at The Hotel. We asked Hanne for her feedback, and are delighted to share her guest blog post with you.

Deluxe Panorama Corner










It came as a lovely surprise, when I heard that not only the winner of my “The Hotel Brussels & Kiehl’s Contest” was invited for a stay at The Hotel, but that I could also enjoy a night in a beautiful Deluxe Panorama Corner room.

I must say that I already visited quite some hotels, in Belgium and abroad. My most expensive stay was without a doubt the one in Plaza Athénée in Paris, and the most memorable one in Belgium, until now, was at Hotel Julien in Antwerp. However The Hotel Brussels really impressed me with the level of service they offer, and their eye for detail.
I’m incredibly proud that we have a hotel of that high :) quality in Belgium. I never felt more at home in Brussels. The Hotel is the highest building in the area, and in almost every space they made very good use of their magnificent view. I think I probably said WOW more than 10 times, talking to myself :-).
When I’m impressed I take a lot of pictures, so maybe grab yourself a hot drink…;)

Deluxe Panorama Corner













As soon as I entered The Hotel I felt at home. The staff is incredibly friendly, and everything is so nicely decorated. They also thought about something for which I’m very sensitive: everywhere it smelled delicious! In every corridor and elevator I enjoyed their lovely home fragrance. My daddy says that I have a smell phobia, so a pleasant smell in a hotel is very important to me. :) Speaking of elevators, boy they go fast! I was on the 22nd floor before I knew it.

And then I entered my room… It is amazing how much thinking they put in the design of their rooms. They really made clever use of space. Near the windows offering a breathtaking view you will find a comfortable sofa and a desk. The flexible black table in front of the sofa is brilliant: you can use it to put your drink on while sitting on the sofa, to have dinner, as a desk, and last but not least you can also place it above your bed:) I need to have one!

Window Sofa at The Hotel












Open Bathroom at The Hotel













The Bathroom isn’t that big but again, really thought through! When you are standing at the sink you can look at your room, AND you get to see the unique view. You can also move the mirror so that you can even enjoy the view while standing under the rainshower.

CO Bigelow bath amenities at The Hotel













The amenities at The Hotel are from C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries. They smell lovely, but unfortunately they are not easy to get in Belgium. So this beautyblogger was very excited with such exclusive beauties. ;)

rainshower at The Hotel













Awesome rainshower & massage button: check!

flexible mirror in open bathroom at The Hotel













A lot of mirror moves, and tryouts to get the picture that I wanted ;)

Pierre Marcolini chocolate at The Hotel













Delicious attention: entering your room and enjoying Pierre Marcolini chocolates, also from Brussels ;)

Panorama Lounge













When you book a room of a higher category than the standard room you will automatically have access to the Panorama Lounge. This beautiful lounge on the 24st floor also comes with a breathtaking view.

Panorama Lounge














Panorama Lounge













A great place to stay, and drinks and snacks are comlimentary in this lounge. Whenever you want your keycard gives you access to for example a fresh gin-tonic and a nice snack. Of course I went for the GT ;)

snacks in the Panorama Lounge













All day you will find delicious snacks, and they are regularly refilled. Another sign which shows the excellent service they offer: the manager had to leave the lounge for a moment, and he immediately left a message accompanied by a phone and his number, just in case we needed him. Wow!

Panorama Lounge













Fashion Library in the Panorama Lounge













The Hotel Brussels is located on the Boulevard de Waterloo, only a few steps from Avenue Louise. Meaning a lot of fashionable neighbours. I think it is really awesome that they made the connection with fashion in their hotel. In your room you will find beautiful
fashion coffeetable books, and the Panorama Lounge is also filled with real gems. In The Bar there was btw an exhibition with Louis Vuitton treasures. This hotel is perfect for a couple, or for a mother & daughter that want to plan a fashiontrip to Brussels.

candy at The Hotel










It’s really all in the little details: in the lobby you can take delicious flavoured water & candies and little bags so you can fill yourself a bag to take some candy with you to your room :). How great is that!

view from The Hotel













I enjoyed every hour in my luxurious room with a view. Every change in light, and every moment in time gave the view another dimension and feeling. Wonderful!

Who gives you fantastic skyline views? The Hotel.













They weren’t kidding ;)

complimentary minibar













Another great thing: the minibar in your room is complimentary! Mine was filled with different kinds of water, white & red whine, fancy lemonade, beer & soft drinks & this bottle of Piper. Though I think that the champagne was a little extra offered by the very friendly manager ;) I enjoyed it!

Room Service at The Hotel













When you enter a room like this, you don’t want to leave it. My initial plan was to try out The Restaurant, but having dinner on your own is not all that so I wanted to stay in my room :D and ordered Room Service!

Tasty Hamburger at The Hotel













I ordered a cheese burger. It arrived with french fries, and plenty of mayonaise, luckily :D This was probably one of the most expensive hamburgers I ever ordered, but boy it was good!














I had the feeling that they know me very well in The Hotel…When I opened the minibar I immediately noticed the fancy schmancy lemonade, one of my soft spots! ;)

Dammam Tea at The Hotel













There was also a box containing delicious tea flavours, and a water boiler by Bodum. The glasses were also very classy. My little cup of tea was really tasty!














Did I already say that they know me very well? A Nespresso machine in the room, and some capsules to go with it. Bliss ;)

Deluxe Panorama Corner













I could have stayed there all day in my corner…

The Urban Spa













After the minibar perks, and the Panorama Lounge I discovered The Urban Spa! A spa with a sauna and a steam room on the 23rd floor, I just had to see that :) To access it you just open it with the keycard of your room et voilà;) A seperate dressing room for ladies & gentlemen including a shower, a toilet, fresh towels and lockers to put away your stuff. Afterwards prepare yourself for an extraordinary view from the spa! I recommend to everybody to visit it when it is already dark outside ;)

The Urban Spa by night













Without a doubt best sauna-visit ever: check out that view!!!

The Urban Spa - relaxation area













The Spa was just perfect. A few relax sofas, the walls decorated with fabrics, soft relaxing music in the background and a lovely smell.

The Urban Spa - snacks













Also present for you: mineral and sparkling water, tissues and green apples. Do you understand that I wanted to stay there forever? ;) Next to the Spa there is also a gym, and it is also possible to request treatments in the Spa.

The Hotel Sunrise













When I opened the curtains (via remote control of course) early in the morning, I was spoiled with this stunning view. WOW. After 2 weeks of seeing the North Station, I didn’t like Brussels that much anymore, but after a stay at The Hotel I can see the beauty of our capital city again. ;)

Related to the remote control: what an amount of technology in the rooms! Besides both sides next to the bed there was a panel allowing you to control all lights in the room and the curtains. The TV was a real beauty, and next to the sofa there were different plugs to connect for example your computer to the TV. Very convenient!

Breakfast at The Restaurant













I’m really a breakfast person so I was very curious to what they had to offer :D
Normally it costs 19 euro, but once you book a room category higher than the standard room, breakfast is included. The buffet looked very nice, and again with a touch of design ;) It was filled with goodies: croissants, cornflakes, bread & deli, fruit and yummy sweet stuff. The coffee machines offered different options, and I went for a latte macchiato.

Breakfast at The Restaurant













Delicious sweet stuff, my favourite tea from their collection and a trio of juices ;)
I especially liked the raspberry and the mango juice. The cakes & cookies were really a surprise, cause normally they don’t taste that good in a buffet, but at The Hotel they offered top quality.

Breakfast at The Restaurant













Next to the breakfast buffet it is possible to order eggs. I went for the Eggs Benedict with black truffle. That was 8 euro’s very well spend! I’m secretly still dreaming about the delicious taste :D

View from The Hotel













After some shopping it was unfortunately time for me to say goodbye to The Hotel Brussels, and my wonderful room. It was with a lot of regrets that I closed the door behind me, but I’m sure they will see me again ;)

After my stay I looked up their prices, and I was pleasantly surprised. I would have thought that it wouldn’t be payable, but that’s not the case at all. The Hotel is mainly targeted to
business guests, so Friday night the prices are lower.
For example: for a Deluxe Panorama room (without the additional side window) you would pay around € 170 for a Friday Night in October for 2 persons. Okay, that’s not cheap either, but take into account that your breakfast is included, as well as access to the Panorama Lounge, drinks in your minibar, and The Urban Spa. Ideally to celebrate a special occasion, or a very nice gift. I’m already thinking about reasons to visit The Hotel again :D





Louis Vuitton exhibition at The Hotel Brussels

Louis Vuitton Exhibition “Special Orders – Travel Collection”

The Hotel likes to inspire you: eight showcase cubes surround the seating area of The Bar on the ground floor, and offer a platform to local and international creative talent related to art or fashion.

Our Neighbour Louis Vuitton is the first to showcase with a very exclusive exhibition of small bags for make up, watches and accessories called “Special Orders – Travel collection”.

Louis Vuitton, trunk maker since its beginning, has symbolized the art of travel since 1854, by combining aesthetics and functionality and creating travel objects that epitomize the French art de vivre. Since 1997, with the introduction of Marc Jacobs as artistic director, the Maison has broadened its horizons to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches and jewelry, thanks to a brilliant mix of craftsmanship, intuition and innovation.

The selected objects for the exhbition the Boîte Flacons, the Coffret Trésor and the Coffret Montres are all perfect illustrations of Louis Vuitton’s historical know-how. Since 1978, Louis Vuitton has been a part of LVMH/Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault’s leading luxury group, and can boast an exclusive network of 466 stores in 66 countries worldwide.

Practical information:

The Bar at The Hotel Brussels

Fashion Blogger It-Girl at The Hotel. Brussels

Guest blog post by Fashion Blogger It-Girl

Who gives you fantastic skyline views? The Hotel.

A getaway in my own capital. Never done that before, but I just had to try the new kid on the block, The Hotel. It’s unique location, in the heart of Brussels, surrounded by the most exclusive shops, is just one of many trump cards of The Hotel. Fashion lovers, there’s really no better place to stay in our capital. The brand new hotel rises high above one of the most luxurious districts of Brussels with Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior just around the corner. Perfect for some serious shopping. The former Hilton hotel has had a total renovation, from past glory Hilton-style to bright, modern, stylish but yet cosy rooms, so you feel at home in a second. Thanks to a private underground car park, I entered The Hotel without parking stress. A mighty advantage to start of my stay at The Hotel.

The dark stylish lobby just breathes tranquility and elegance. The staff is really welcoming and with a glass of champagne I checked into the Deluxe Panorama Corner room. Quite curious I enter the elevator and off I go to the 24th floor. This sky high building reminds me of my trip to New York. But no time for daydreaming, my room’s waiting for me, located on the corner. I open the door and… hello Brussels! What a view. I’m flabbergasted, totally blown away by the 180° skyline city view of the capital. On my right I see Brussels courthouse. On my left I’m looking over Avenue Louise with beauty-heaven Senteur d’Ailleurs, a must-visit in Brussels if you love beauty.

Deluxe Panorama Corner room - view


I put on some home wear and immediately start exploring the room. First stop, the bath room. Hé, die hard beautylover over here, so very excited to see which amenities The Hotel has to offer. Shampoo, conditioner, body-wash and body lotion all the way from New York. C.O Bigelow is the name of the brand and The Hotel is apparently the only hotel in Europe working with these amenities. Approved big time! Also loving the huge rain shower with unforgettable view over Brussels.

C.O. Bigelow Amenities at The Hotel

All shades of white make the room look bright and spacious. I love the mix and match of cosy meets modern. Eye catcher in the room, except the view of course, is the wide white leather sofa, just next to the windows, where I quickly install myself with my laptop for some blogging. Honestly? Although I’ve got exclusive access to the Panorama Lounge, I stay in all night and order room service. Everything is provided to stay connected: fast, free, unlimited Wi-Fi, big ass television with on channel number one: Fashion TV. A bloggers dream. I just love this room.

Deluxe Panorama Corner room

Fashion books in The Hotel room

Room with a view at The Hotel Brussels

Half an hour later my pizza gets delivered. The rotating oval table is just perfect, I didn’t even have to clean up my stuff on the other end. Just swing around the table and I can enjoy my pizza with a nice, cold Coca Cola from the complimentary minibar. Outside it is getting darker… Tonight it’s just me, my pizza, some drinks, my laptop and Brussels by night.

Pizza at The Hotel Brussels

It’s already past midnight when I decide to put the blog on hold for a well deserved beauty sleep. I heard many good things about the mattresses of The Hotel. The bed is huge, the Egyptian cotton feels great on the skin and with an electronic device next to the bed I close the curtains and switch of all the lights. Sweet dreams!

Deluxe Panorama Corner Room Kingsize Bed

7 am, good morning Brussels. I had an amazing beauty sleep. Last night, my head hit the pillow and I fell asleep. Not quite my habit in a strange bed. I hit snooze once again and open the curtains with the electronic device. No need to get out of bed just yet, I’m taking another minute to enjoy the view before hopping into the rain shower. I’m soo ready for breakfast!

Breakfast at The Hotel

A few floors higher you can find the breakfast room with tables facing the big windows. Oh, what to choose. Some eggs, some toast. I also fancy some fruit and the chocolate muffins are too tempting… Extra thumbs up for the fresh juice!

Unfortunately it’s time to check out after breakfast. I would like to stay a whole day and explore more of The Hotel. The room and all around views aren’t the only amazing features. Make sure you stop at the Panorama Lounge for a late-night drink, a quick lunch or just take a seat in their Fashion Library. Sky-high glamour? Yes sir! And speaking about glamour, how about an Urban Spa and Fitness overlooking Brussels? A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody, so hit the gym for a workout and enjoy the sauna and hammam afterwards.

The Urban Spa

Whether you come to Brussels for a business trip or a weekend getaway, The Hotel offers you an amazing journey with breathtaking views, it’s unique location and luxurious rooms. Thank you to The Hotel for having me. It was a wonderful experience, and I’ll be back.

It Girl at The Hotel


TH Fashion Library Book 12: “Art, Fashion and Architecture

The Hotel Fashion Library Book 12: Art, Fashion and Architecture by Louis Vuitton

TH Fashion Library Book 12: Art, Fashion and Architecture by Louis Vuitton

We received a very nice present from our Neighbour Louis Vuitton for our Fashion Library.

Louis Vuitton has always been associated with art, architecture, design and photopgrapy. This book “Art, Fashion and Architecture” explores 80 colloborations with the likes of Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse.