What’s new on the Boulevard de Waterloo? A new store for Carine Gilson In May, the Belgian haute couture lingerie designer Carine Gilson opened a beautiful new flagship store at 26 Boulevard de Waterloo, tucked away from the hustle and bustle in a peaceful and secluded courtyard.

The Hotel and the environment Climate change is a reality and our natural resources are scarce and precious.  Reducing our footprint on the planet and particularly energy consumption is a matter of urgency. Thankfully, the city of Brussels is a hub for eco-innovation, leading the field in energy saving construction, waste reduction and limiting CO2 […]

Blooming marvellous: Brussels in the springtime Spring is finally here, birds are singing and Brussels is in bloom. But where are the best places to enjoy the spring flowers and balmy sunshine?

Fernand Léger – Beauty is Everywhere takes over Bozar Bozar is currently hosting the first major retrospective of the French modern master in Belgium since 1956. Léger is hard to pigeonhole: he is perhaps best known as a Cubist, influenced in his early years by Picasso and Braque, but his work crosses genres, from figurative […]

TH goes VR In Steven Spielberg’s newly released film Ready Player One, things are going so badly in a near-future real world that humanity chooses to escape through virtual reality into a virtual universe, the Oasis.

Love Tales: Exploring Valentine’s Day Stories The international day of love is fast approaching! Shop windows are turning pink and red and florists are preparing for their busiest day of the year. Valentine’s Day is a huge event worldwide, so it’s strange to realise how little we know about its origins: there are even three […]