The Hotel & The Restaurant partner up with B.E.L., a proof of quality

The Hotel and The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar are utterly proud to announce their partnership with the Brussels Exclusive Labels (B.E.L.) along prestigious members such as Delvaux, Baobab, Obumex, Dandoy, Leysen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Maison Verloet, Le Chalet de la Fôret, Maison Roger, and many others.
B.E.L. is an equivalent for quality, luxury and creativity so with all these values that we hold dear, it is no surprise we teamed up for a partnership.

BEL quality
B.E.L., three initials that have been well established in the Capital in the meantime, is a non-profit organization founded in 1937 with the aim to promote excellence. To date it brings together over 80 of the most prestigious brands of the Brussels Capital Region from fine cuisine and jewellery to hotels and cars, the BEL has become a synonym for excellence.

Why B.E.L.? Brussels, because our capital has become a “brand”, a label, at the heart of Europe. Exclusive, because being exceptional is what its members do every day, while looking to the future. In fact, exclusivity is their special hallmark. Labels, lastly, because the desire to be held up as an example characterises each one of their initiatives and because we all, whether craftspeople, designers or large international luxury brands, set themselves apart by constantly striving for excellence.

In 1937 the Chambre du Haut Commerce d’Art et de Luxe was founded in order to bring together and promote companies which advocated a certain idea of luxury, craftsmanship and quality. B.E.L., its new name with an international outlook, has taken up the torch.

The areas of activity covered are varied: art, gastronomy, leather goods, jewellery, couture, hotels, etc. Its top Belgian craftspeople, its best names in the Brussels retail scene and its large international companies are all established in Brussels. They are valued for their exclusivity, the perfection of their products and the emotions that they arouse. They offer the very best and treat every customer as a special individual. All these companies are chosen by Brussels Exclusive Labels because luxury is essentially a question of benchmarks, dynamism and authenticity.

In view of the selective cherry-picking demonstrated by B.E.L., this partnership speaks for the high quality at The Hotel and The Restaurant by Pierre Balthazar and its steady efforts to maintain the level of its services. Joining B.E.L. is a further token of our desire to always respond as best as possible to our guests’ expectations.

Every client deserves ‘a made to measure’ experience. At The Hotel and The Restaurant we want our clients to have the opportunity to experience this unique feeling of escaping the busy city life and entering a haven of comfort, luxury and gastronomy. We care about our clients’ needs and we do our best to make it an unforgettable moment. Our daily mission is to provide a enticing visit for our guests and to make them go home filled with memories. This fully coincides with what B.E.L. stands for and we couldn’t be more proud to partner up with this organisation and see what the future holds.
Quality BEL

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