New place to be in Brussels for foodies: AUB.SVP

Restaurant AUB.SVP – which means please –  (= Dutch + French abbreviation) opened it’s doors on the 12th of January in the former entrance of Cinéma de la Monnaie.

AUB.SVP serves breakfast and lunch based on the concept “pain-ture“. “Pain” is French for bread, and the entire word “Painture” means painting. Expect a variety of dishes on a plate supported by special bread-combinations (for example with lime, with beer, …) and every plate will tell it’s own story.  A nice dessert is also an option. The menu of this restaurant is limited to 5 options for breakfast, lunch & dessert to make sure to put quality before quantity.

Creative souls behind this concept are:

  • Kenny Bernaerts, creative chef of Yves Mattagne & Master Chef VTM
  • Yves Guns, best artisan baker of Brussels
  • Willy Grieten, Gip-food for artisan & natural touches
  • Bart Lens, Architect

The decor of AUB.SVP isn’t common at all. Architect Bart collected wooden waiters in the Sablon area to tell customers with a wink that they can expect an excellent service. Rustic walls, tables & newspaper clippings refer to the tumultuous history of this building: in the 19th Century a jeweller and a photoshop were located here, and in 1930 it became the entrance for Cinéma de la Monnaie. The eyecatcher wall inscription on the outside, still refers to this period.

We’re looking forward to the 1st reviews!

Schildknaapstraat 36

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