From the famous traditional dishes such as Moules Frites, Carbonade Flammande, Croquettes, to street foods like Belgian fries or waffles with the toppings of your choice, gastronomy in Belgium is an important part of the culture and the options are endless.

In Brussels, we love making dishes, but moreover we love eating them. There is always a good place around the corner to spoil your taste buds.

It’s not that easy to discover iconic & vibrant places when arriving in a new city… Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let us guide you to the best addresses in Brussels and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.

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Superlative Flavours with Superlative Views

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Make the most of your long weekend in Brussels

Depending on whether you’re solo-exploring, romance-creating or family-bonding, Brussels offers different sides to the same city. But whatever you’re planning a visit to the impressive Grand Place
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Fabian Van Roy – Best Belgian barman 2019

Last Wednesday, June 5th, the final of the 2019 bartender competition of the ‘Union des Barman belges” took its place. The Hotel was proudly represented by one of its bartenders, Mr. Fabian Van Roy.
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Get to know Pierre Pegand head barman at the bar

This mixologist maestro knows his way around the Belgian beer catalogue and isn’t afraid to put his reputation on the line promising to convert you to his world of Chambord inspired cocktails. Pierre talks to us about what makes Brussels so special, why The Hotel is the only choice for cocktails in the city, and how to always get the barman’s attention when you’re trying to order a drink.
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